Now That I'm Here, I Can't Imagine Being Anywhere Else

by Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers

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Have fun and remember that i love you!!


released February 4, 2014




Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers Rockford

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Track Name: A Definite Imbalance (Intro)
You're in love
with the idea of finding something pure
to even out what you would deem as a definite imbalance
a history as long as ours can't be replaced by anyone
Track Name: Any Other Night
You were indefinitely restless
i know I'm not one to talk but I always do
the concept is clear and always repeating
a constant fear you never could avoid

I heard he got you home safe that night
you were stumbling through the city
he just happened to be driving by

I want to fool myself into believing
you would of been fine if it were any other night

I am dreading this question
you wanted to know if it was all worth it
I wish that I could of lied
I felt the same way
I heard The Thermals sing ''So Here's Your Future''
Track Name: John Hughes Adolescence
All my memories of you are never warm
but all my pictures of you make you look loved

all i had to do was lie
to keep this going
it wasn't right

You muse about your past
and i mostly exaggerate mine
Never had a John Hughes adolescence
you romanticized
and i mostly exaggerated
Track Name: State Capitals
Remorsefully in tune
with the saddest songs you knew
you came along to see the countryside
I can make it through the night
if someone else can too
coffee and conversation in morning light

For a week you had hoped we'd meet
right outside of your state capital

Claire from Washington
heading East to visit friends
we traded stories on my ride home
of the weather and the west
and the cities she likes best
she came along to see the countryside

Describe to me all the books you're reading
right outside of your state capital
Track Name: Asleep (Smiths Cover)